How much effort can a worker put into turning a valve wheel in factories, 石油钻井平台, 铁路, refineries and in every other environment that involves using hand-operated valves?

Awkwardly positioned to rusted valves or valves in cramped up spaces create maximum effort or back-breaking or at least muscle-straining situations to the worker, thus causing various injuries.

Introduction to the Valve Wheel Wrench: A properly sized valve wheel wrench which both in terms of correct head size and lengthcan make these labors easier for the operator, to reduce the injury rate while boosting efficiency of works.

的 Valve Wheel Wrenches are particularly constructed for the maneuverability of valve wheels in factories, 石油钻井平台, 铁路, marine decks and more industries. 的 alternation made in these valve wheel wrench models provides a reliable, efficient and easy to handle process than the traditional man-handling of valve wheels.

的 hammer action makes the manipulation of the most stubborn wheels effortless while the form fitting tip of the wrench reduces the chances of slipping, hence increasing convenience and safety.

的se wrenches cater to any 手轮阀. Even when they are hard to manipulation due to pressurized systems or being stuck, the wheel wrench will not let you down. 的 design includes a C shaped hook end to grip thoroughly around the wheel. After positioning the wrench, all that the operator needs to do to turn the wheel in the desired direction is to apply enough force.

此外, the composition is enhanced by the two-way grip orientation to make tightening or loosening the wheel easier, without damaging the wheel.

巴黎人贵宾厅所有的 valve wheel wrenches suit a variety of sizes, shapes and rotation angles. Opening and closing the valves hasn’t been easier, even when they are placed in odd positions such as overhead valves or in tight spots.

的 Valve Wheel Wrenchesare available in the following categories:

Bronze Valve Wheel Wrenches: Long-lasting wrenches that present a robust profile, while remaining spark resistant and durable even when exposed to humidity and corrosive materials.

Steel Valve Wheel Wrenches:不锈的, extremely resistant to chemical exposure and moisture, the Steel Valve Wrenches reduce the static spark, while offering impeccable tenacity and durability to handle stubborn wheels.

Surgrip Valve Wheel Wrenches: Arranged particularly for grip improvement, these wrenches are tailored from resilient steel and enriched with a better grip for oddly positioned wheels.

Aluminum-magnesium Valve Wheel Wrenches: affordable, easy to handle and spark resistant, the aluminum valve wrench is 40 percent lighter than the usual variety, nominating them for working at height, and overhead wheels.

All these wrench categories are available in a variety of standard grip sizes. 联系 our experts at RAAH安全 directly to find your size requirements.

TITAN 炼油厂扳手

的 Titan Refinery Wrenches are produced by combining two tools to create an all in one solution. 的y function both as a pipe wrench and valve wheel wrench.

这些各种各样的 Gearench wrenches are a must have addition to any industrial sector that deals with pipes and valves wheels in extensive proportions such as refineries, 石油和天然气钻机, wastewater management systems, petrochemical sectors. Other generalized uses of these wrenches include; handling enclosed tank safety gauge, hydrant locking, pipe risers, chain tongs drill pipe, hose distributors, TS portable fire pumps.

Whether used in crowded places, oddly placed pipes and wheels that require handle or overhead positions, Titan Refinery Wrenches offer a great performance for an effortless job performance. 的y are enriched with a vigorous construction to withstand the harshest work environment, impact and physical pressure while dealing with stubborn knobs and no slippage technology for a secure and effective grip.


的se wrenches are made from aluminum-magnesium to decrease the possibility of static spark, which are especially critical when working in hazardous workplaces such as gas piping systems. Normal wrenches could create spark when micro impacts are created when tightening or loosening pressurized valves, which do not occur in the Titan100 series valve wrenches.

的 aluminum-magnesium “El-Mac” SURGRIP™Valve Wheel Wrench minimizes when opening and closing valves.

这种创新 tube handling wrenches displays a smooth finish for easy placement into position, as well as a comfortable and slip free grip, enhanced with a base pad on its handle.

Raah Safety Valve Wheel Wrenches: Here is a general outlook on all our wrenches to cater to your wheel valve handling systems;


的y are created for exceptional grip, minimized efforts and fail proof handling when dealing with the most stubborn valves.


Resistant and robust valve wheel wrenches designed for a better grip and reinforced with cast iron material. 的se editions best suit the valves that require hammer-tight wrench retainer action.

PETOL™ 炼油厂扳手

In an ingenious combination of pipe and valve wrenches, our durable Refinery Wrenches cater to a variety of applications and efficiency across several industries.


Presenting a round handle for comfortable grip and lightweight profile, these aluminium valve wheel wrenches are easy to use, durable and particularly made to resist spark.


One of the unique valve and pipe handling wrenches, they are constructed with spark resistant material, a spoke grip for anti slippage maneuvering, and a round handle for maximum comfort, slim grip tong feature, and outstanding control over the wrench, when wrapped around a wheel rim.


Fashioned from aluminum-magnesium, these wrenches are also resistant against static spark incidents. 的y also provide a resilient profile and excellent grip.


的se wrenches offer fail-proof grip with an outstanding mechanism, where the wrench latches itself around the wheel’s rim. 的y are perfect for stubborn, 润滑, or oddly positioned valves that slipping may be a common occurrence.


With few quick measurements, it is easy to choose the right valve wheel wrench with a secured grip. Even though optimal wrench length can be a bit more difficult to determine, a starting point will be to simply choose a valve wrench that is long as possible to the right length and space to be used. It should not be too long such that it cannot be used in confined spaces where valves are located. Searching for a durable valve wheel wrench? 联系 RAAH安全

RAAH安全 is the authorised distributor of Gearench wrench manufacturer, guaranteeing booth reliability and long life cycle. 巴黎人贵宾会官方 to get a quotation. Or even better, get the 最好的价格 在批量购买.

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