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Portable 容器访问坡道 are designed with lightweight profiles for easy use. The main role of these ramps is to provide access to 标准集装箱 在地面上. They are constructed as lightweight ramps have transport wheels and built-in handles for convenient and come with a fast one-person 安装 process.


RAAH安全 提供一系列 集装箱坡道 are used in many business operations for on-site unloading or loading of materials. They function as a standard container bridge from the ground. With our high-quality ramps in place, personnel can easily handle containers as needed.

大多数企业使用固定的 码头坡道, and it takes as much time to install the ramp as to unload the container itself. 相反,你可以使用 便携式坡道; their mobility makes it easy to move from work to work and move loads with a forklift almost anywhere. Some industries that benefit from our ramps are;
● Shipping and logistic sites
● Food and consumer good production plants
● Onshore and offshore oil and gas sectors
● 首页 and public sectors for wheelchairs, scooters, walkers


It requires a single person to move and install the ramp. 这些 便携式码头坡道 come with complete instructions. There are no requirements for special tools and complex procedures to install or remove our 便携式坡道.


容器访问坡道 are made for convenience in all aspects, including front flip-ups for easy use, 安装, 在狭小的空间里移动.

巴黎人贵宾厅的 容器斜坡的 design variety is rated for handling different weights, man-operated传输, and specialized truck unloading ramps.

而且巴黎人贵宾厅的 lightweight container Portable Ramps is structured for space management when not in use.

更好的 安全 is another feature of our 便携式坡道; our heavy-duty portable ramp models are designed with raised side plates to keep equipment inside the ramp for increased 安全. Anti-slip grained surface prevents slips and falls.

巴黎人贵宾厅的 ramps are designed for 标准集装箱. If you use a temperature-controlled container or similar raised or lowered floor, please contact us for further advice.

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Why Portable Container Ramps?

Fast 安装 and Removal: for adding a quick modification,or providing access to 标准集装箱 located at ground level on temporary sites, Portable Container Ramps offer an ultimate solution.

整体结构: this design creates a constant slope for access to the bottom of the container that helps the load’s mobility.

创新的负载处理: besides the smooth one-piece surface and moveable sideways, these ramps add a level working platform to allow horizontal access. This way, it prevents damage to the load.

耐冲击:这些 aluminum container access ramps have been strengthened across the entire width, providing strength and impact. The result is a safe and robust loading ramp that firmly supports the transport container.

Forklift Compatible:ground level container ramps are used for loading and unloading container cargo using a forklift truck. It allows you to safely navigate the walkway from the ground to the container platform. Bluff container ramps are durable and can withstand heavy use.

空间管理: Instead of sacrificing space on the loading dock, you can purchase portable loading ramps. 相比 重型固定坡道, 便携式坡道 can be moved from place to place as needed.

Economic Solution: Portable ramps are an affordable alternative to the cost. Available in standard measurements or tailor-made to your specific requirements.




Have a load to transfer or need a ground level connector; we have the right ramp for you. Contact our expert for more information or order customized models. Place an order today and get the best quality and prices of your portable container ramp solution.

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