Many products feature antiseptic properties for steering clear of pathogenic growth on organic and inorganic surfaces; but antiseptic and antiviral wipes 是否更有效,符合人体工程学和节省时间.

This article focuses on the definition, 实用程序, 以及对抗COVID-19等恶名昭彰的病毒的效率, 还有一些提高消毒湿巾使用效率的小窍门.

What are Antiseptic Wipes?

An innovative edition to sanitary safety, the antiseptic wipes are cleaning towelettes, 这些方便的卫生用品是用浸泡在消毒液体中的消毒织物制成的. While meant for a single-use these wipes reduce the chance of contamination greatly when compared to disinfectant bottles and sprays; this is due to reduced touch surface and germ transmission.

美国环境保护署(EPA)是对认可品牌的监管机构 disinfectants that kill coronavirus. 你可以查看某个产品,或者在它们的列表中搜索一个值得信赖的产品, by visiting their website.

Utility of antiseptic wipes

These wipes are designed for a variety of use, based on the two factors; types of surface area that require disinfection and the origins of biological pathogens.

例如,化学化合物,如苯扎氯铵用于 hand antibacterial wipes 清洁皮肤表面和手与清洁家居表面的方法有很大的不同.

Antiviral wipes 是用能有效消灭病毒的化学物质浸渍的吗 antibacterial wipes 抗真菌湿巾也有类似的原理.

一些 cleaning wipes disinfectant 版本是安全的清洁开放的伤口,而 disinfecting wipe 浸透了可以消毒工业表面高传染性病原体的重化学物质. 不建议在皮肤和伤口等有机表面使用泡沫. Although all these assortments are created for a single purpose; as sterilizing agents and for increasing health-related safety.

How to Choose the Perfect Wipe

在选择擦拭剂之前,重要的是要了解你要对付的是哪种类型的病原体? 细菌问题在家庭、商业厨房和食品加工业中很常见. 在这种情况下,抗菌湿巾是正确的选择 available disinfecting wipes.

For virus-related contamination, virucidal are disinfectants used to kill viruses, often available disinfecting wipes. They are mostly used such as health and personal care wipes, laboratories, or veterinary offices; virucide wipes offer an effective solution for such environments. Although after the coronavirus pandemic, 杀病毒和防病毒湿巾的使用从家庭扩展到不同的工业部门.

抗真菌湿巾是用于室内宠物和特殊皮肤状况的局部清洁剂. 尽管工业抗真菌湿巾也可用于处理软垫污染. 一些 companies have combined antibacterial and virucidal disinfectant features for a disinfect wipe. These varieties function as integral and multi surface cleaner wipes.

Industrial Use of Antiseptic Wipes

医院和医疗中心一直是最频繁的用户之一 antiviral wipes其次是其他几个行业,特别是在过去两年中. Laboratories, food industries both on production and distribution lines and transport services; countless commercial and private organizations use disinfect wipes for hygiene maintenance.

Differences between Disinfecting Wipes and Sanitizing Wipes; antiseptic wipes vs. alcohol wipes

Disinfectant wipes 仅仅是为了满足家庭卫生的需要吗. 它们最适合清洁轻微污染的表面,如家庭内部, and often with antibacterial attributes.

You may ask, does alcohol kill germs on surfaces? Sanitizer wipes 另一方面,它是用来清洁手和皮肤表面的,通常是用酒精做的. 这些品种要么用于有机组织,比如皮肤,甚至是切开的伤口,要么 non-abrasive anti-bacterial wipes.


为您的消毒湿巾获得最大的性能和安全的结果, 下面是一些需要牢记的重要因素;

  • Not all the cleaning wipes antibacterial or antiviral is suitable for hands

  • While some are designed for surface cleaning, 它们可能包括刺激性化学物质,可能会伤害你的皮肤或引起过敏反应,如接触性皮炎. 在使用或购买之前,一定要阅读标签.

  • Surface wipes are only meant for sleek facets
  • Carpets and fabric material can get stuck in the disinfectant cleaning wipes 干燥,然后让化学药品灭活微生物. 它们适用于光滑的表面,如塑料、玻璃、金属和其他非吸收性区域.

  • Avoid using dry wipes
  • 万一湿巾干燥或失去了最初的水分, 你可能在传播细菌,而不是灭活它们. 使用纸巾,直到它仍然保持50%的初始水分. If the pack has been open, discard the cleaning wipes disinfecting altogether.

  • Avoid using dry wipes
  • 万一湿巾干燥或失去了最初的水分, 你可能在传播细菌,而不是灭活它们. 使用纸巾,直到它仍然保持50%的初始水分. If the pack has been open, discard the cleaning wipes disinfecting altogether.

  • keep your wipes cool
  • 保持湿巾与空气接触是必要的, 它们必须至少保存在室内或温度较低的地方. 这样做是为了避免湿巾的化学分解, hence their lack of effectiveness when used.

  • Expiry date control
  • 尽管湿巾不是消耗品,也不会过期, 它们可能容易失去最初的化学效力. Chemicals break down by the passing of time, 因此,如果在生产日期后使用很长时间,则执行效率低下的细菌清洗.

Our Final Words

To determine the best wipes for your needs, acquiring your doctor’s recommendations, consulting a safety equipment professional, 阅读标签是要记住的主要要点.

为了应对COVID大流行和对流行病认识的提高, 所有部门都必须考虑在工作场所使用消毒湿巾. For your safety, 巴黎人贵宾厅在RAAH安全公司的专家团队建议选择值得信赖和经过测试的品牌, 以及 the best disinfectant wipes for covid.

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