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Cert托盘升降 is a perfect solution for those of us who deal with the transportation of pallets on a daily basis in their facility. With new laws on the horizon, you can use the Cert托盘升降 to solve many problems for logistics, distribution and material handling facilities.


Pallets are an easy way to make transportation of goods easier and more efficient. 的y provide a great surface for the goods to be stacked on, protect them from weather or other hazards, and can make moving large quantities of material much easier. 然而, using a forklift truck or crane can be tricky when you want to move pallets around your workspace. 这就是 Cert托盘升降 进来.

托盘举升机 are a way to make a vehicle more versatile and useful, By upgrading your regular lifting experience with lifting attachments for cranes, companies can significantly reduce their operating costs by not having to spend money on two specialized vehicles. All you need to do is install the fork on the end of your overhead crane and once it’s installed, you can adjust it to any height that you need it for loading on or off the truck.


Floating Low Profile gives even 分配重量


Secure Locks Hold in Place



Turn until the bolt holes are in alignment.


的 cert托盘升降 is an adjustable forklift attachment that converts your overhead crane into a lifting and rigging application. 的 pallet can be loaded or unloaded without having to leave the crane operator’s position. This article explores how the Cert托盘升降 solves many problems with logistics, distribution, and material handling facilities.

它是专门为 升降托盘化负载. 的 slings help evenly distribute and balance its load, enhanced with a floating low profile spreader ring. 的 joint is heat-treated to provide you with a safe and durable product for your specific needs.

Cert托盘LifteR的设计是 four-point lifting slings and quick-release lugs, to make it an even better way to transport. 的 四点loading design for quick, high-capacity 仓库操作.


  • Easy to attach and detach from the lifter
  • Comes with quick-release lugs
  • 兼容 升降托盘化负载
  • 设计时 浮动辊环
  • It is available in model;  Liftit四世
  • High weight rating; it is rated for 6000lbs

证书 & 运输规范

  • 它与A兼容.S.M.E B30.20-1993 U.S.专利没有. 6565年,36 forklift and pallet jack certification


  • 的 Raah Safety Liftit III-208 LBS on a skid 67” X 40” X 43”
  • 的 Raah Safety Liftit四世-232 LBS on a skid 67” X 40” X 43”


的re are two models of our Cert托盘升降; Liftit III & Liftit四世.

的 rugged construction of these models ensures years of reliable performance. 的ir simple yet reliable design also allows them to be used for heavy weight lifting, unlike most other models on the market today.

This equipment has the ability to lift heavy loads and transport materials effortlessly. It also comes with a safety valve for protection, features an air pressure release valve, and includes adjustable straps for additional safety. 不要犹豫 巴黎人贵宾会官方 for details on each model or any customization you would require!

你亦可查询: IBC举升机托盘的笼子里


 证书托盘搬运工s an adjustable forklift attachment that converts your overhead crane into a 托盘升降装置 for transporting pallets. If you’re hauling a lot of heavy stuff, then you have got to have these 起重机托盘叉. You can also integrate the cert托盘lifter into your system to save time, increase speed and comply with regulations.

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