Pallet 提升 Bars and Spreader Beam

Raah International – Give you palletised cargo a “lift” using our Pallet bars

We supply the best-in-class products in the business from the certified vendors of the market. These quality-based products are widely valued and best due to their durability and strength.

The products are corrosion-resistant with high tensile strength. RAAH Safety mostly supplies this product in manufacturing, construction, automobile, and shipping.

Raah安全托盘笼, designed for maximizing efficiency and safety.

RAAH Safety – Give your palletized cargo a “lift” using our Pallet bars

The RAAH Safety Pallet lifting bars model #PB011 is specially designed to use via multi-leg slings – chains assembly.

These bars fit precisely into the pallets & hook design to secure them and keep the bars apart.

The minimum distance between the two bars mounted should be 900mm. The loads to be distributed centrally and evenly on both bars.

Safe and balanced lifting of palletized loads is a common issue solved by our ingenious and robust CertaLift托盘升降. Click here for more information.


1. 每双2吨
2. End hook to keep bars separated and secure. Bars must be at least 900mm apart
3. Can be used on a variety of standard size pallets bar
4. 每双24公斤
5. 尺寸1250毫米的长度


RSS 提升 beam is designed to lift chlorine gas cylinders


1. 低净空设计
2. Smooth edge design to minimize wear on pallet lifting straps.
3. Engineered and manufactured to ASME B30.20
4. Forecast and review by measurable factors.
5. Serve with the center of gravity.

RSS 提升 Beam can also be fitted With Crane Weighing Scale To Weigh The Chlorine Ton Container

Note: 提升 Beams are Proof-Tested to 130% capacity and certificates supplied at No Additional Charge


For Handling loads 提升 Beams are specially designed. These elements are intended for the direction of loads. It is placed in between the crane and tools for better stability and safety.

This equipment is developed with support, skeletal tube, or electro-welded box beam, 等. It is customized and designed as per the requirement for quality, design, and safety.

Concern about the security of constant lifting of heavy and suspended loads? 发现 RS吊梁 which revolutionize the safety of your cargo handling and lifting system.

提升 Spreader Bar and Adjustable Beam Lifts

Our pallet lifting equipment for cranes makes it easier to enable a crane hook into a multiple-point lifting tool.

RAAH Safety offers all types of spreader beams for cranes such as adjustable lifting pallets with slings, 普遍提升, 短, 标准的责任, 吊篮, 等

Pallet Bars – How to use pallet lifting bars?

Pallet safety bars are the best lifting bars for cranes. They weighed 2 tonnes per pair and are mainly available for general lifting.

If you are using pallet lifting bars without the top frame then you must take care that lifting bars are secure when used. It comes with end hooks which help for stability so that the bars should be spread freely. Different ways of spreading the bars are not that strong to ensure safety. That’s why it requires an alternative pallet bar arrangement.

Engineered with ergonomic aesthetics, 天钩 assists industrial lifting of chucks, vises, large pieces and more. Discover the range of models each designed for specialized utility.

Minimum Load Width of 升力分布梁:

Pallet lifting devices are created for lifting a pallet that spreads the weight on the bars. 由于使用了小零件, this makes it easy to handle and fit a wider variety of pallet openings.

Take care while applying the load. You should not apply the point load that is too narrow as this will spoil your operation. To safeguard all such issues our pallet bars are marked with a specified minimum load width.

As we mentioned earlier the minimum load width is 900mm for standard pallet bars and pallet lifting frames or standard pallet bars.

If searching for more secure methods for moving IBC container or lifting pallets, we recommend IBC升降机 safety set for offshore and onshore use.