360 Degree Protection with Personal Safety Voltage Detectors

在大多数的伤害和电事故报告中, electricity does not leave a second chance when there is direct 和 accidental contact. Electric workers 和 maintenance personnel are constantly exposed to the dangers of electrical shock 和 exposed to high voltages.

在必备的安全服装中, 个人电压探测器 have been engineered to warn the electrical worker from a distance about potential high voltage surfaces in the vicinity. 他们提供电气工程, 电力工程, firefighting 和 instrument 设备 workers with prominent warning when approaching high voltage source .

This article introduces you to two categories of h和s-free voltage detectors; a 头盔式电压传感器,以及综合 安全帽电压检测器. 这一类的 个人安全设备 has proved to save lives by providing a before-h和 warning before the personnel are in the electrocution zone.


的re are several industries that are necessitated to utilize 电气安全 设备. While h和s 和 feet are reported as the first line exposure on many occasions, the 高电压检测 helmets are an intelligible edition for alerting the worker from a safe distance while approaching live high voltage current. 它们经常被用作 电力传输塔工人帽 和 消防人员安全电压检测仪. 其他实用产业包括:

  • 警惕安全提供者
  • 炼油厂
  • 能源变电所和输电塔
  • 电器维修公司,
  • 火车、汽车和航空维修
  • 工程研讨会
  • 天然气和石油钻塔
  • 建筑行业
个人电压探测器 唯一的目的是安全, 但更详细的概述, 巴黎人贵宾厅已经列出了使用这些工具的一些一般优点 个人近距离传感器;
  • 易于并入电气安全套件
  • Adding an extrasensory perception to workers when it comes to electrical loose ends
  • 当接近有能量的表面时会发出警报
  • Modifiable settings to increase or decrease sensitivity 和 its range of detection
  • 耐用的可充电电池
  • 防水
  • 自带自检功能
  • 的 detection range includes a maximum 20ft 和 voltages higher than 35kV.


Countless workplace incidents take place when a worker trusts a previously tested surface, 哪个显示为断电. Meanwhile a surface can be exposed to high voltages 和 cause electrocution incidents shortly after the test, 为了避免这种情况, 电压表传感器和 高压探测头盔 在工业电气安全中起着至关重要的作用. 的 detectors must be chosen with engineering 和 resistances that goes beyond companies requirements to avoid any short falling when it comes to voltage detection. High resistance 和 ease of integration into the working apparel brings 360 degree safety to workers 和 warns them before exposing themselves accidentally to life threatening 和 energized surfaces.


有两类 电电压探测器 在RAAH国际测试的可靠性. All of our electrical detectors cover the following features;

  • 可调节灵敏度
    的 带探测器的电工帽 integration or separate sensor can be adjusted for their sensitivity level for interpreting the electrical environment. When detecting a certain magnetic field 和 loose voltage, the integrated buzzer notifies the worker. 避免误报, detection distance 和 voltage range can be modified according to the workplace dem和s.
  • 自我测试功能
    As a safety rule, testing safety products is essential to ensure the reliability of 高压PPE设备. 的se detection devices are designed with a self-testing feature that runs on an hourly basis. 的re is no notification until a dysfunction has been detected.
  • 可充电性和长使用期
    的 built-in battery of our voltage detector is made for fast re-chargeability 和 up to three days of battery life in a medium 和 low setting. For a more vigorous use 和 frequent alert generation, the device presents 12 hours of battery life.
  • 符合人体工程学的使用
    的 compact design 和 lightweight detection chips are a seamless addition to 电气安全套件, while making a noticeable difference in long hours of use. 的 交流高压检波器 头盔安装品种来一个低轮廓轮廓, while the integrated editions are only slightly heavier than normal safety helmets.
  • 工业级耐久性
    Durability for a reliable usage lies at the core of these designs with water resistant features, 耐冲击、耐冲击, 以及重型结构. To ensure a guaranteed functionality, each product is tested 和 certified before shipping.

RAAH安全- 92286头部安装电气探测器

这种小型电探测器是一种轻便的附加装置, designed for mounting on the brim of a safety helmet with a secure strap. 的 device is configurable in response to workplace requirements 和 generates both audible 和 visual notification as warning. 靠近带电表面, 探测器通过哔哔声发送信号, 内置蜂鸣器产生. Besides easy accessibility, the strategic placement of the device on the 电流检测器 头盔提供360度的探测范围和保护.


除电气安全类外 非接触式高压探测器 可用, 电气安全 Helmets are crafted with a detection sensor which sends audible alarms 和 light notification through a front side LED lamp. Each of our detector helmets is certified 和 compliant with IS 2925 -1984. 的 hard hat itself is structured for an ergonomic wear that is both lightweight 和 safeguarded with an adjustable ratchet for a secure fit, which not only helps to detect energized surfaces but also prevents head injuries. 的 interior is lined with extra padding for comfortable wear 和 sweat absorption technology. 这里是一个快速的轮廓 可穿戴式电压检测器 头盔;

  • 空气动力学
  • 轻质,填充和防汗内饰
  • 用于固定配件的隔间
  • 探测器和头盔结构均具有抗冲击性能
  • Compliance with international 电气安全 regulations
  • LED灯和声音通知
  • 防水防雨

为了满足工业需求,巴黎人贵宾厅的 电传感器头盔 are constructed with 电气安全 color codes including white, blue, yellow, green 和 red.


Electrical surface detection with these innovative 和 h和s free devices significantly reduces the chances of electrocution. 考虑到功利主义方面, you can also turn your workplace into a safer environment if your personnel are constantly exposed to high voltage hazards.

获得批量订单的报价, or receiving more details about our voltage detectors 和 their compatibility with your workplace, 巴黎人贵宾会官方的专家: RAAH国际 现在. 巴黎人贵宾厅是…的主要经销商之一 新加坡安全帽颜色代号 在世界范围内.