High Voltage Protection with Raychem RPG Dielectric Footwear

Working in environments prone to arc flash such as energy stations, high voltage machinery 和 maintenance of electrical cables obliges the workers to be equipped with safety garments. In simple language if an arc flashes where a flashover of electric current leaves its path, is a phenomenon that travels through air from a single conductor to another source, 或者倒在地上. This can result in often fatal accidents 和 if a human is in close range to the arc flash, 严重的伤害甚至死亡可能会发生.

的 电弧闪光服装防护 includes an inner layer topped with insulating clothing pieces that are worn on the outside, 如夹克, 运动衫, 裤子, softshells 和 whole body coveralls as well as other accessories like helmets 和 靴子.

巴黎人贵宾厅所有的 电弧防护服 are made with premium material 和 in accordance with arc flash safety policies, 为可靠和安全的使用量身定制. 提供完美的 电弧闪光保护,这些 电工防护服 are designed with visible markings for working in a variety of environments 和 available in distinctive colors.


巴黎人贵宾厅的弧形分级服装 不仅提供安全, 它们也带来了日常生活的舒适, 工作一整天都没有任何不适. 他们是由无过敏, 无毒,易清洗和干燥物料, 在不损害初始保护的前提下. 闪弧工作服 有腰带吗, 腰带, 和 buttons to offer a form fitting silhouette 和 hence a better maneuverability to the operator. 增加便利, they also come with several tool 和 personal belonging pockets on the inner part as well as exterior for easy 和 quick access. 巴黎人贵宾厅所有的 弧额定的衣服 are constructed with triple stitched seam to guarantee durability even after being exposed to arc flash incidents. Here are some activities that call for using arc flash clothing:

  • 数据中心
  • 变电站
  • 能源行业
  • 电缆维护和安装公司
  • Electrical work in residential 和 industrial sectors
  • 风力发电机的维护
巴黎人贵宾厅所有的 arc flash clothing is tested 和 in compliance with the European Directives regulating PPE, also each purchased garment comes with a traceability code 和 safety certification for arc flash, 可见性标准, 腐蚀性物质的接触和个人防护用品的规定.


If high voltage electricity jumps out of its usual current, it creates a low impedance connection with another surface, 例如物体或人的身体, 什么导致能量和热量的释放. This discharge is often extremely destructive 和 results in fatalities by an instantaneous 和 out-of-control explosion of electricity. 通过 电弧闪光爆炸 能达到9000摄氏度.


  • 烧伤(非防火级别的衣服可以烧伤皮肤)
  • Heat (upwards of 9,000ºC) 电弧闪光服装防护 PPE
  • 飞行物体(熔融金属物体)
  • 爆破压力(2,000磅/平方英尺以上.ft)
  • 声爆(噪音可达140分贝——像枪一样大)
  • 火灾(可能通过建筑物迅速蔓延)


Using arc rated garment is the first line of protection when it comes to arc flash prone atmospheres. 的y are created to protect by a thoughtful approach to layering garments for an increased safety, 包括基础, 中、外弧级服装.

第一个因素是在购买时寻找 arcflash保护衣服 is 卡尔评级. Each arc flash prone site is categorized under a rating, 因此用不同等级的服装加以保护. This underst和ing helps to provide adequate protection to the workers 和 prevent accidents by an affordable 和 efficient approach. 如有疑问,请参阅FPA 70E指南 电弧闪光服装要求 基于 电弧闪光危险类别.

Arc Flash Clothing includes several pieces that are worn singularly, or combined according to the safety assessment of a workplace.


Arc rated polo shirts are fashioned with a long sleeve 和 high neck silhouette for maximum coverage. 的y are soft in tried 和 tested for arc flash 和 flame resistance: hence, 它们也可以被用作 焊接阻燃服. In addition to safety, our 电弧闪光保护 shirts are also stylish. 它们符合第2类ARC的14条规定.2卡尔/ cm²保护. 其他 电保护 等级也有需求.


的 电弧闪光工作服 提供全面的从头到脚保护, 设计的普通话, 安全黄色和海军蓝, 并且标记得非常明显, 反光材料. PPE工作服 feature pockets for phones 和 other tools with flap covers, 针织色紧固, 魔术贴固定袖口标签, adjustable waistb和 和 hoodie for overall protection.

巴黎人贵宾厅的电弧防护等级 个人防护用品套装 CAL额定值范围从- 6 CAL /cm²,8cal/cm2, 9.5大卡/ cm2. 巴黎人贵宾会官方的专家: RAAH安全 to find out more about the cal rating corresponding to the voltage intensity of your workplace.


制作从电弧额定和 阻燃服装 纺织品,这些 电弧闪光的裤子 是用灵巧的材料做成的吗, 惊悚片缝合缝, kneepad pockets for a comfortable knee protection enhancement, 增强裤裆和牛仔裤风格的腰带系扣. 这些 电气保护设备 are available in the following arc ratings classifications: ARC 4 Cal, 弧8卡路里, 弧25卡路里, 弧40卡路里.


的 弧额定夹克 are designed with inner fleece linen for additional comfort 和 skin soft touch, 同时加固夹克冬天使用. 每件夹克都经过测试和认证 耐电弧闪光 户外使用的湿度管理.

的 silhouette comes with arm pockets as well as flap top side pockets, 并伸展肋骨下摆的形式拥抱适合. We offer different varieties of protective jackets for working in live environments with arc ratings including ARC 4 Cal, 弧8卡路里, 弧25.


巴黎人贵宾厅的 弧额定头盔 品种包括一类和二类, available in simple or upgraded design with digital voltage detector. 巴黎人贵宾厅所有的 helmets are lightweight 和 ergonomic for seamless wear all day long without causing irritation or excess sweating.

的 general categories include; integral helmets with hoods, helmets & 遮阳帽,以及只覆盖颈部的面罩. 电弧评级包括8.4卡,24卡,40卡.


H和s are considered on the first line of hazards when it comes to h和ling charges surfaces 和 arc flash. Using the appropriate pair of 绝缘手套 is known to decrease electrical incidents by 50 percent. 巴黎人贵宾厅的 手套 遵守8.5 和 50 cal arc ratings foe h和ling tasks near charged surfaces such as 高压开关开启. 但是,巴黎人贵宾厅提供各种 绝缘手套 as inner 和 outer layers with different arc ratings as well.

将这些个人防护装备与其他装备结合使用 电气安全服装 还有配件,比如 靴子, undergarments for additional comfort 和 burn protection.


All companies must follow the requirements of the Arc Flash Hazard label educating the workers to wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), use of insulated tools 和 other safety related precautions. This includes not working on or near the circuit unless you are a “qualified” worker. If you require additional info on product’s arc rating, material 和 sizes or in need of consultation to find the perfect 电弧闪光的服装 和 电气工人的个人防护设备,请与巴黎人贵宾厅巴黎人贵宾厅的专家联系 RAAH安全 会指引你. 今天买大宗商品最划算.